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I’ll probably reblog this every single time it appears on my dash.


Steve is the real Sleeping Beauty

This is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen… Scar and Loki are perfect.

Ahhh Steve

this is incredible and perfection

Steve is the true sleeping beauty…and scar and loki are perfect……i cant get over Tony stark!!!!! hahaha that was PERFECTION to the max….

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There’s no curtain call

There’s no point in life at all

If each day ends

And this bent heart of mine, cannot heal

I can’t see

A darn thing 

But could it be

That the grey clouds that I loved

Completely blinded me

They’re are souls like me and you

Who arn’t aware of what they do

Always laugh in the face of danger

And truth

Can’t they see

Right through their hazy glee?

That nothing good comes of rushing in blindly 

 I’ll keep moving on 

No matter what may come my way

And I’ll sing

Not fearing what they say

Deep in my heart

I know for sure

That you are hurt

feel insecure

And surely crying

Because you are

Only human



2012年8月に放送された、TVアニメ夏特番「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズAlternative ONE」より。

mob characterとしてBBC:SHERLOCKのシャーロックとジョンがいました。


Let’s look for!!

探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ Alternative ONE ~小林オペラと5枚の絵画~










Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.

People from middle and upper middle class can say these things and get away. People who don’t know what starting capital is can say these things. People who literally don’t know what its like to have nothing or to live in poverty can say these things.

You can’t follow your dreams without some start up cash from somewhere. And most people don’t have that. Like if money was no object and people could just ~live their dreams~ then why are there children starving in 1st world nations

It’s the social economic version of “just stop being depressed”

Actually reblogging again to add commentary:

"All you need is a house and food and a laptop".

And internet for the laptop. And electricity. And plumbing. And heat. And possibly has for your car. Oh and tabs and emissions if you have a car. Travel if you live away from family/friends or have a job that requires it but doesn’t pay for it.

And, hm, what else?

Oh yeah!

Medications. Doctor appointments. Replacement for things like canes and wheelchairs if they break and your insurance doesn’t cover it (oh, and if you’re self employed, you have to pay for insurance, too).

Not only is this super classist, it’s ableist as fuck.

It means well, and it’s good to dream, but…yeah.

Flat, bills-only fee to live in my apartment, buy food, and pay my various and sundry bills, the worst of which is a $100 a month credit card payment? $1700.

Total amount I’ve made writing creatively over the last four years since I decided I needed to go for it? Approximately $200.

Shut up about this shit. Just, shut up about it. People don’t work shitty jobs because they’re too afraid to do what they love. People work shitty jobs because STUFF COSTS MONEY.

And people who want to do what they love generally want to do creative things WHICH RARELY PAYS OUT IN LOTS OF MONEY.

I have friends who work 100+ hours a week to do what they love (making comics) and also work day jobs to pay the bills and help them make more comics. It’s fucking exhausting just watching them some nights. They are doing what they love, and they’re willing to put in the time, and the thing is, if you want to do what you love, you have to PUT IN THE FUCKING TIME. And that may mean not sleeping a lot. That may mean taking shit jobs.

You can do what you love. You should do what you love. But don’t fucking idealize it as the solution to your problems. It is, in some ways, your big problem, and it’s the fact that you love it that makes it worthwhile to pursue.

Another problem with this form of thinking is that it severely devalues the people who work “dirty jobs” that no one wants to do. No one goes out into life and passionately wants to be a janitor or a waitress or an administrative assistant. And yet there are hundreds of thousands of people working these kinds of jobs.

They are not lesser because they chose to work a job that they’d dreamed about since childhood. They are not stupid because they didn’t “follow their passions”. You do not get to judge them and find them wanting for choosing to pay their mortgage and fund their kids’ education.

Sure, sometimes people find a career that is intensely fulfilling and also pays well! But just as many people work a job that they don’t particularly love, and then use that job to fund hobbies outside of that. And they too live truly joyful lives.

Thank god for you all, I saw this comic on my dash with no commentary on it last week and almost vomited.

Must be nice to not have to give a shit about money because mommy and daddy let you fall back on them. Excuse me while I fret over how I’m going to try to find an entry level position in WHAT I LOVE TO DO when I can’t afford to do anything this comic says, or get an internship, or work for fucking free.

I hate that all of the commentary on this is so true. It just makes me sad because I want more than anything to make a living from art but I’m slowly learning that that’s not gonna happen for me.

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